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Aqua Joy Bath Lift

Automatic reclining seat, 2 piece disassembly,
floating hand control, and a high weight capacity
make this a valuable option to safely take a bath.
Battery operated and installs without tools.
Makes getting in and out of your bath tub a safe option.

The Molly Bather Lift

At Safe Bathing Solutions the customer comes first. We aim to exceed all of your expectations both in our products and our service. We provide a range of high quality, reliable bathlifts and accessories for both adults and children. Unbeatable warranties combined with excellent purchase prices allow Freedom Bathlift to be the best value bathlift solution for all different types of bathlift customers.Our experienced and pleasant customer services department will deal with all of your queries effectively ensuring the highest standards of support and service are met at all times. We pride ourselves on our customer service, being 100% focused on the bathlift customer, with quick on time and accurate delivery.

We also offer comprehensive product and technical training on all of our range, with superb after sales support and advice from our dedicated team. If you need a bathlift, choose Safe Bathing Solutions

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Each person's needs is different, so we provide you with a diverse selection from which to choose. A walk in bath tub is a tub with a swinging entrance door.
this allows easy access for those who might find it difficult to climb into,
and get out of a standard bathtub. We have a large variety of models that offer a number of different features.
That being the case, it's important to know what we have to offer before you buy. For more information, please use the 'Contact Us' button at the top of the page to have your questions answered.

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